10 Things You Should Know about Being an ELE Family Member

1. We are kind to students. We treat students with respect. We build relationships with students. We discuss behavior with students privately and in a respectful manner.

2. We are kind to parents and value their partnership. We provide proactive, not reactive, parent communication with the expectation of building positive relationships with all parents.

3. We are kind to each other. We are more than a team, we are a family. We collaborate and support one another because we believe they are ALL "OUR" kids.

4. We maintain high expectations for our students and for ourselves. We give 100% every day and expect the same from our students. We support them, encourage them, and are purposeful in our instructional decisions.

5. We are open to change, growth, and strive for continual improvement.

6. We plan collaboratively and seek the BEST ideas.

7. We use flexible grouping in our teachings.

8. Lessons, assignments and learning environments are individualized, relevant and engaging without exception.

9. Lesson plans should be a tool for guiding instruction; well planned, and connected to the students IEP's and standards at all times.

10. Our schoolwide expectations, developed through PBIS, should be taught, modeled and followed by all. The use of common language helps our students experience success behaviorally AND academically. We are overwhelmingly positive and work to catch our students being good.